How to activate call forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to redirect incoming calls to a number that you choose.

To activate call forwarding, follow these steps:

Go to settings, then select connections. Open phone settings and proceed to turn on call forwarding.

You’ll move to a view that allows you to edit channel information. click on “Add number” beside “Forward calls” and type in the number you want to forward to.

Call Transfer and Merging: #

This feature allows you to transfer incoming calls to anyone from your team (users in your account).

Make sure you’ve added your team as a User/Admin to your account. Here’s how: To add a team member to your account, check out this article (opens new window)(link to article on adding users).

While on an inbound call, click on the Transfer button to choose the team member you would like to transfer your call to.

Once they’re connected, you can either:

  • end your call and the caller and your team member will continue their conversation from there
  • Stay on the call so you, your team member, and the caller can be on the same call.

Watch how it works:

Merging Calls: #

With Yobi, you can merge any incoming calls after completing the Transfer as explained above.

All you need to do next is click on Merge Icon. There you go you, a teammate and the caller are all on one call.

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