Team Chat

The Team Chat feature in the Yobi app provides a centralized platform for real-time discussions, reducing the need for scattered messages and emails. With Team Chat, you can boost productivity, improve team coordination, and keep everyone on the same page, making it an essential tool for effective teamwork.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Conversations: Engage in real-time voice or text discussions with team members, ensuring immediate feedback and swift decision-making.
  • Group Chats: Create group chats for specific projects, departments, or customers to facilitate organized and focused conversations.
  • Private Messages: If you need to inquire about something important from a team member, go to the Team Chat section. Find your team member and start a private conversation with them. You can send them voice and text messages or review shared tasks in this dedicated space.
  • Centralized Communication: All conversations are in one place, reducing the chaos of scattered messages across different platforms.

How to Use Team Chat:

  1. Access Team Chat: Open the Yobi app and navigate to the Team Chat section.
  2. Start a Private Chat: Select the person you want to engage with to start a private conversation. Here, you can send messages and review shared tasks.
  3. Create a Group Chat: For group discussions, hit the ‘+’ button or the create icon to start a new direct message or create a group chat. Name the group for easy identification, select public or private, and start collaborating.
  4. Team Voice: Easily view and play any shared recordings directly within the team conversation window, ensuring everyone has access to important information.

By utilizing the Team Chat feature, you can enhance communication, improve coordination, and ensure that your team works more effectively together.