Text Reformulation

Text reformulation with AI in the Yobi app simplifies the process of enhancing and refining your written content. It can help improve clarity, tone, and impact in your messages, emails, or posts.

This feature ensures your communication is more effective, professional, and engaging, all with the assistance of AI-powered text refinement.
Let’s try it together! First, select a conversation and compose your message, even if it’s a bit messy! Then, click on the magic wand icon. You’ll have the option to choose a character – whether you want to be seen as a CEO or someone working in sales, customer support, or marketing.

You can also select the desired tone, whether it should be professional, friendly, formal, or casual. For this example, let’s go with a professional tone. Click “”””reformulate,”””” and voilà! Your message will be corrected, polished, and ready to send.