# Introduction to Yobi

# What is Yobi?

An AI-driven business phone to simplify your communications, Yobi empowers your business by letting you connect and talk to customers over any channel, anywhere in the world.

Yobi unifies all your customer conversations and puts them into an intuitive mobile-first interface where you or your team can make a call, respond to a text message, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter direct messages.

When connected to your Calendly or Zoom account, you can create and share meeting links to your contacts in one app.

If you have an existing Hubspot or Shopify account, with Yobi you can follow up with leads and customers without having to log in to different websites or apps.

Yobi makes it easier for you to be an everyday rockstar.

# Tour the Yobi app

Yobi is an app that simplifies your conversations across channel.

Simple and powerful, you can get started in just a few minutes. Let's explore some basics surrounding the Yobi app.

The Top Bar

On the web, the top bar displays a dialer where you can make, receive, and manage calls. There is also a button for quick-access to messages. The help icon ( ?) which gives you direct access to Yobi Support Line. A dedicated support team will answer your questions and take note of any requests or suggestions. To log out from your account on web,click on your profile on top right corner of the screen.

  • The sidebar includes your Messages panel, past communications 'History, Contacts, Tasks, Team messages and Settings.
  • The Settings Menu includes 5 subsections:
  1. Your Profile - here, you can verify your email, change your password and see your status as either admin or user.
  2. Manage Users - If your status is “admin” you can add users by sending users invites.You can also delete users.These users are what forms your team within the same account
  3. Channels - The list of channels Yobi can be linked to is presented under this subsection, where you can choose to link your accounts in these channels to your Yobi number and start receiving and responding to your business conversations from Yobi.
  4. Integrations - Integrations like Shopify, Zoom, Calendly ,Slack ,Zoom, Zapier, HubSpot and Pipedrive can be integrated with your account allowing your business’s conversations with customers from these platforms to be handled in a centralized way from Yobi.
  5. Import Contacts - You can import all your contacts from Gmail and Outlook and have them on your Yobi account’s lists of contacts.

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