# Open or Join a Yobi Account

# Signup for Yobi

To signup for Yobi, simply go to our Signup Page (opens new window)

Once successful, you will be guided into choosing your Yobi phone number and adding your team as users

# Introducing Yobi to Your Team

Unlike much other software available on the market, Yobi does not require much time to be learned and handled by your team members. Thanks to the short videos and walkthroughs we provided you with, every team member will start using the app efficiently in no time.

There are 2 different types of users on Yobi, "admins" and "users". Through the " Manage Users" portal, only admins can add or remove team members. They also can install, connect or disconnect channels and integrations. Importing contacts to Yobi number as well as the above-listed actions are exclusively in their capacity of "Admins"

We recommend that the team goes through Yobi together. Exploring the app's features as a whole team would bring about questions that eventually allow better understanding and handling on their part. In case, there is still a need for more assistance, Yobi Support will be more than happy to help.

# Add users

Any business with a Yobi phone number can easily add any new recruits or members.Follow the steps bellow:

To add a team member:

  1. Go to Settings on the left hand side bar.
  2. Go to Manage Users.
  3. Add in the new team member's email, phone number and a temporary password.
  4. Choose the role to assign them.
  5. Save your changes.Send them an invitation over email by going to their name,hitting Actions-send invitation-email

Have more questions? contact us